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Your ambitious but awkward Gemini. Plot twist, deep inside, I think I am a Scorpio.

Fellini Rose – that’s how I would love you to remember me. Rose get called by lovable acquaintances and friends ♥

Thank you for reaching out. Your curiosity is probably the best tool your mind can process in order to help you be more successful in the future. Please hold tight to that. I’m fascinated by fashion, music, psychology, sustainable living, film, and many more (but those included are top in the list of my interests)

Please support by sharing my articles and joining the community to discuss the topic. I want to build a community, not just a blog full of my ideas and thoughts only. So please don’t hesitate to raise your voice and opinion. I’ll promise to keep this blog to be content, inspiring, genuine,

What I can do best

write to learn

be creative

be honest


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