Personal Style vol. 2

Cheers to finding beauty, strength and progress!

Letter from the Editor,

Hi, it’s Rose – the protagonist of this whole project that you are about to see. It has been more than a year since my first Personal Style project was established in 2019. With the second edition, I want to be full throttle and present all the ideas that occurred to me during the pandemic. Being at home, alone, isolated, I think about the fashion industry and everything it has to go through. Consumers start to lose interest in dressing nice or feel the need to shop because they have nowhere to go, or at least, they can’t spend that much on clothing since many essentials need to be prioritized.

All of the clothing presented in this project was my possession. I own and re-wear them daily, but I have never styled them to be fashion editorials worthy-level. Hence, this is an inspiring project for me to follow through from beginning to end. The big red with enormous tulle volumes was worn when I competed in Vietnam’s Next Top Model cycle 9. The judges love the dress, and so do I. The initial purpose was to wear it in one of my projects, so here it goes.

In this project, I still work with the makeup artist Xuan Phuoc – who worked with me on the first issue of Personal Style. This time around, he can be even more creative with his makeup skill since I entrust him on this matter. This project also marks the first time I have worked with a new photographer – it’s Khoi. I know Khoi a while back, but I never actually work directly with him. This opportunity turned out to be a good thing because he does make me surprise with his meticulous eyes on details and a good skill set for a photographer. He also impresses me with his cool, calm, and collected attitude. That is a big help for me – the one who has to stand in front of his lens. My little brother assisted me and everyone on the team. He’s such good help.

The primary purpose of doing this project is to see the growth that I have made since the first issue of Personal Style. I also want to spark the joy of dressing up, sharing it with the people, and encouraging everyone to do the same (with the old clothing at home, obviously). We all should re-wear our clothing in different ways to save the planet and our finance. The art of styling will help us cope with any boredom we may feel when opening our closets daily. Be creative, be sustainable, be resourceful.

Cheers to finding beauty, strength, and progress!

Fashion Editor

Fellini Rose

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